Telangiectasias, commonly known as “spider veins, are different from varicose veins. Many people confuse them because of the similarity between symptoms. However, varicose veins are relatively bigger compared to spider veins, which are only 1 mm in size.

While you may experience pain and swelling with prominent veins in varicose veins, spider veins are more of a cosmetic issue. More importantly, you’re not alone in this regard: more than 25 percent of men and 40 percent of women develop spider veins.

The best way to ward off bulging veins is to speak to a qualified vascular surgeon, such as Dr. Elizabeth Pensler, and explore your eligibility for cosmetic sclerotherapy, the best treatment option to get rid of spider veins.

Here is everything you need to know about cosmetic sclerotherapy.

Cosmetic Sclerotherapy- What is it?

Cosmetic sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive therapy to remove spider veins. In this treatment, a trained physician injects sclerosant, a unique solution, into your spider veins. It shuts the vein, preventing blood from reaching particular blood vessels. The blood changes its flow toward the healthier veins in the same body area. As your unsightly veins don’t receive blood, it reduces the visibility significantly. Gradually, the veins disappear.

When to Take Cosmetic Sclerotherapy Treatment?

As mentioned above, you may develop spider veins due to many reasons. While some causes are still unknown, common ones include hormones, repetitive trauma, genetic injuries, and varicose veins. Red, blue, or purple veins are common symptoms that occur in similar patterns to tree branches or spider.

Although the veins usually don’t cause any swelling or pain, you may experience mild itching. That means you don’t need to opt for medical treatment until you want to remove them for aesthetic reasons. If you feel healthy and face no specific medical conditions, you’re a good candidate for Cosmetic Sclerotherapy treatment.

However, if you’re an expectant mother or suffer from an allergy, it is better to discuss it with your doctor.

What does Treatment Procedure Include?

The treatment is quick and your doctor will perform the procedure in his office. After a thorough examination, your physician identifies the veins. He or she may use specialized flashlights or ultrasound in some instances. Your physician then injects the medicine carefully into the spider veins using a tiny needle.

At one appointment, your doctor can address or treat all the spider veins safely. You may need to get one more treatment within 12 weeks as per your doctor’s recommendation.

Keep in mind that the number of Cosmetic Sclerotherapy treatments necessary to reduce the appearance of spider veins may vary depending on their prominence. Although the treatment has a high success rate, your spider veins may reappear.

Summing Up

In conclusion, Cosmetic Sclerotherapy is a common treatment option for spider veins. You can go for the procedure to enhance the appearance of your body parts and get smooth and supple skin.

If you’re considering opting for Cosmetic Sclerotherapy treatment, browse through Elizabeth Face & Body Med Spa and book a free consultation appointment with Dr. Pensler.


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