Veins, like the rest of the blood vessels in your body, have different constructions and purposes. In the same line, not all diseases and treatments associated with veins are the same. They are not only different in approach, but also symptoms and procedures. However, it is worth mentioning that most vein procedures fall into two basic categories: medically or cosmetic required treatment.

It is essential that you learn to identify the symptoms associated with varicose veins to consider it medical or cosmetic. The best way to understand the type of treatment you need for your bulging veins is to speak to a qualified vascular surgeon such as Dr.Elizabeth Pensler. However, you may develop a basic understanding.

Don’t fret if you have no idea how to distinguish them or what symptoms they show, we have you covered here. Here is a primer of medical vein vs. cosmetic treatment.

Cosmetic Treatments for Veins

Cosmetic treatment for veins typically caters to superficial issues. For instance, spider veins are a common cosmetic issue that you can treat using cosmetic vein procedures. The procedures may be a little irritating and affect the appearance, but there are no life-threatening risks associated with them. If the veins are not painful, you don’t need medical treatment.

Put simply, cosmetic treatments for veins refer to non-surgical procedures. You may opt for them for cosmetic reasons such as to improve your appearance. Most treatments are FDA-approved and can be an effective solution to diminish varicose veins.

Some cosmetic treatment for veins includes;

Medical Treatment for Veins

Unlike cosmetic vein treatments, medical treatments are used to treat threatening issues associated with veins. That means if you suffer from blood clots or varicose veins, you may need to opt for a medical or surgical procedure to treat it. Your vascular surgeon will recommend appropriate treatment after assessing your symptoms.

For example, varicose vein treatment is one of the most common procedures doctors recommend to relieve soreness and painful pressure that accumulates in the veins. Although surgery is the only option in most cases, vein clinics such as Elizabeth Face and Body Spa offer many laser and non-invasive treatments.

Why Choose the Best Vein Center for the Treatments

When looking for an appropriate vein treatment facility, it is important to understand the type of treatment it offers or specializes in. We say this because some vein clinics treat only cosmetic issues related to veins, such as spider veins. If you need medical vein treatment, it is better to choose a clinic that focuses on specialized varicose vein treatment.

At the Elizabeth Face and Body Spa, for instance, you benefit from various medical vein and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Experienced doctors and staff help people with Sclerotherapy and a variety of vein treatments.

Summing Up

All in all, to make the most of your vein treatment, you must know the difference between medical and cosmetic veins. Thus, this article explains how medical and cosmetic vein treatments use different approaches and procedures, depending on your vein disorder.


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