Treatment and Prevention of Venous Skin Ulcer

What Is Venous Skin Ulcer?

A venous skin ulcer is essentially a sore on the side of your leg. This sore is usually caused because of poor blood circulation in your leg. They take a very long time to heal and some can even take multiple years to heal. If the veins in your legs are not functioning properly, the chances of getting a Venous skin ulcer can increase significantly. The blood flow that goes back to your heart might not be as fluent as it should be which can cause the end of your foot or exclusively your ankle to have increased pressure.

This pressure can result in the wound not healing properly or takes ages to heal. The most commonplace for these sores to occur are the areas that do not have a lot of fat or muscle on them.

How Can You Treat Them?

There is no immediate medicine that can be given to you for your sores but you can make use of a compression bandage. This will help even out the pressure and you will be able to heal your wounds as quickly as possible. In addition to that, you must ensure good blood circulation. to make that happen you can do the different exercises that your doctor recommends to you. These exercises must be done multiple times so that you can have improved blood circulation.

There are times when the ulcer can get infected by bacteria and when that happens it becomes necessary for you to have antibiotics. The antibiotics will help you defeat the bacteria while you can focus on getting your wound to heal.

When worse comes to worst doctors even recommend getting surgery so that the circulation in your legs improves and that way you will be able to get your ulcer to heal as soon as possible. The average time for an ulcer to heal is 4 months if the proper treatment is provided. However, it is not certain that the ulcers will even clear up.

Can Venous Skin Ulcers Be Prevented?

Are you fearing Venous Skin Ulcer? Do you want to prevent it from happening? Here are some things you can do to prevent it:

Weight Loss

To improve the blood circulation in your body you must start losing weight. The fat deposits in your body can prevent your body from circulating blood properly.

Keep Diabetes In Check

Diabetes can worsen your condition. if you keep it in check you might be able to prevent getting a Venous skin ulcer the first time.

Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly can be the best thing for you to improve the circulation in your blood. Exercise will help you boost blood flow and help your ulcers heal quickly.

If you are experiencing a Venous skin ulcer you can reach out to Dr. Elizabeth Pensler. She is a vascular surgeon with several years of experience and training. Her help can surely bring you the best of health.

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