What Does Varicose Vein Removal Surgery Include?

In simple words, varicose veins are blood vessels that bulge, enlarge, and appear twisted or swollen on the skin’s surface area. These veins are not small and don’t usually branch out into smaller veins like spider veins. They are usually large and stem onto the skin’s surface as big strings of purple and blue blood vessels. The most common cause of varicose veins is faulty valves. They can become faulty due to a disease, condition, or temporary/permanent disorder. This causes blood to flow in the opposite direction.

Improper blood flow leads to a blockage in the blood vessels, which is the prime reason they bulge. Removal surgeries are a cosmetic treatment approach to get rid of varicose veins. At Elizabeth Face & Body Med Spa, Dr. Pensler offers effective treatments and guidance on how to practice better care.

Varicose Vein Removal through Sclerotherapy

The treatment duration depends on the severity and stage of the condition. If the condition has become chronic, the procedure can last around an hour or more. Otherwise, a Sclerotherapy procedure generally takes around 15 minutes or an hour at most. The treatment procedure begins when the patient takes a sedative and elevates their legs into a comfortable position.

The vascular surgeon will highlight the area of surgery and clean it. Legs are the most commonly affected region of the body that requires varicose vein removal surgeries. The surgeon will use a fine needle to insert the sclerosing agent into the varicose vein. The chemical agent irritates the interior arterial wall linings, causing scar tissue. After a while, the scar tissue dissolves and fades, while the veins return back to normal.

The chemical agent produces a foam or liquid solution that helps the blood vessel shut. This redirects blood towards other healthy veins while the damaged vein dissolves and fades into the bloodstream. The process is gradual, and results are only noticeable after a short period. Additionally, the varicose veins start to demerge and fade away from the skin, leading to a clearer and smoother skin surface.

Other Procedures that Help with Varicose Veins

There are multiple surgeries for varicose vein removal, including invasive, non-invasive, and mildly-invasive options. Based on your preference, insurance, and general healthcare provider’s recommendation, you may go for any of the following treatment surgeries:

  • Microphlebectomy

  • Laser Treatment

  • Ligation and Stripping

  • Radiofrequency Closures


You must know that there are other options for varicose vein treatments apart from invasive and minimally-invasive surgeries. You should consult a reliable vascular surgeon and varicose vein expert to learn more about your health condition. To remove varicose and spider veins, you can visit Elizabeth Face & Body Med Spa. Dr. Elizabeth Pensler offers medical healthcare to spider and varicose vein patients using state-of-the-art technology. With extensive training and experience, she is among the top vascular surgeons in the field.

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