There are plenty of vein treatment procedures that can help people with spider veins and varicose veins. However, to get the most of your treatment, you must opt for the procedure that suits you the best. Ideally, you should consult an expert and experienced vascular surgeon like Dr. Elizabeth Pensler regarding the most effective treatment. A vein expert like her can help you find the main difference between the treatments like Laser vein and Sclerotherapy.

If you’re considering undergoing vein treatment, read on to understand the basic differences between Laser vein and Sclerotherapy treatments.

Laser vein and Sclerotherapy- the Right Vein Treatment for You

Varicose veins and spider vein treatments are quite common. Many people in the USA experience some kind of vein issue. However, you can opt for a variety of treatments to eliminate the problem. The most popular options for removing varicose veins include laser vein and Sclerotherapy treatment. The two are highly effective but quite different from other vein treatment options.

Both the treatments have the same goal: to treat the damaged veins to close or seal shut. When the veins are closed, the blood is rerouted naturally to healthier veins. This allows blood or circulation to resume properly.

The treated veins then break after some time, and the tissues located near them absorb the blood. The veins eventually fade away and leave behind smooth skin.

That is to say, both laser vein and Sclerotherapy treatments close and shut your damaged veins, but in different ways. Sclerotherapy uses a chemical to shut the veins, while laser vein treatment works with light energy to irritate the veins so that they will close.

When Scletrotherapy Makes the Best Option?

If you have developed spider veins and want to eliminate them due to a cosmetic reason, Sclerotherapy is the best option. We say this because it is a less painful and more inexpensive option.

Plus, it is a faster way to get rid of the small veins located close to your skin. It is also an ideal option if you have a low threshold for pain. Sclerotherapy treatment is relatively less painful than laser therapy.

Moreover, if your skin is darker, Sclerotherapy is a better option as lasers may cause your skin to develop discoloration.

With Sclerotherapy, a vein surgeon injects a substance into the bulging veins to treat them. As the substance in the vein doesn’t fill the space for larger veins, you require more Sclerotherapy treatment sessions to treat varicose veins.

When Laser Treatment Makes the Best Option?

Laser vein therapy is a better option if spider veins develop on your face or you’re allergic to sclerotherapy solution. Usually, Laser therapy is not for spider veins as it is not possible to inject the laser into small veins.

However, you should go for laser therapy if your skin has visible patches of blood vessels known as telangiectatic matting.

Summing Up

Both Sclerotherapy and Laser therapy are effective in removing spider veins. As they use different treatment methods, make sure you talk to your doctor before making the decision.

Reach out to Dr. Pensler for more information regarding your vein treatment.


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