There is no denying that the pandemic has upended everything. It includes everything from the way you work, shops for clothing and accessories, and even the way you approach your skincare. Now you spend more time facing front cameras, people asking for “Zoom glow up.”

While you might see many new “normal” happening in 2021, the new skincare trends are something you can’t overlook. Thanks to expert plastic surgeons, physicians, and aestheticians like Dr. Pensler in this domain to make skincare simpler and easier.

Are you interested in learning the best skincare treatments raging in 2021? Here is the primer.

Raging Skincare Treatments in 2021


#1 | Mask Treatments

With mask-related acne on the rise, the prevalence of skincare solutions that are supportive and gentle on your microbiome and skin barrier has become a trend. It is an excellent way to balance or prevent the impact of frequent cleansing and irritation you may get from wearing a mask numerous hours a day.

It is a laser that is effective in targeting inflammation. Masken treatment is safe for oily and dry skin. It also includes a cryotherapy facial that decreases redness, swelling to clear acne.

#2 | Lasers and Micro-Needling

As many people have not been able to visit the spas in 2020, there will be an increase in in-office treatment for laser procedures. These may include a combination of PDL and YAG lasers and photodynamic therapy. The treatments use light to reduce broken blood vessels in the layers of skin.

#3 | Skinimalism

As per Pinterest Prediction, one of the prominent skincare trends in 2021 is skinimalism. The primary concept behind “skinimalism” is to embrace a minimalist approach to makeup and skincare and reduce the number of cosmetics and products on your skin. It is all about enhancing the natural texture of the skin and let it shine through.

That means if you’re a skinimalist means, you need to use multitasking products like sunscreen and a tinted moisturizer. The approach is not only economical but also eco-friendly.

#4 | At-Home Skincare Devices

As people might need to stay at their homes this year also, it is possible that they will like to invest in convenient at-home devices. The gadget like facial toning device gives you the best result when you use it with quality skincare products to enhance the skin.

It improves and rejuvenates skin with its microcurrents that gently massage the skin. The device also tones and sculpts your face to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin.

#5 | Botox Cosmetics

The trend of injectables and Botox cosmetics is never going to be outdated. The trend seems to dominate 2021 also, with more and more people opting for neuromodulators to soften or reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

A renowned clinic like Elizabeth Face & Body Med Spa has made this treatment accessible and more effective for people. Dr. Pensler is an expert and qualified physician offering the best botox cosmetic treatment to revitalize your skin.

Summing Up

All in all, skincare trends are gradually changing the ways you used to look after your skin or beauty. Thus, all these trends are raging because of their effectiveness and promising results. Call skincare specialist Dr. Pensler to learn about the best skin trend you should opt for.

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