Veins can bulge, twist, and swell due to different reasons. These effects on the veins throughout the body can lead to swelling and dark-blue emergence on the skin. Nonetheless, spider and varicose veins don’t impose any health implications.

Serious health implications are rare, whether you’re referring to varicose or spider veins. However, chronic stages of these vein conditions lead to severe pain symptoms and serious health issues.

Most often, both types of vein conditions are nothing but a cosmetic issue. Therefore, you should look for the right type of vascular surgeon around you. Dr. Pensler at Elizabeth Face & Body Med Spa can provide the required vascular cosmetic surgeries to remove spider and varicose veins.

About Spider Veins

In color, spider veins appear purple, blue, or red. The veins appear twisted and turned. You may notice them easily on your skin, even when they affect the smallest blood vessels on your body, i.e. capillaries. Spider veins swell lightly in comparison to varicose veins. Spider veins look like a spider web because of the way a larger vein branches out into smaller more frequent veins across the affected area. The most common parts of the body with spider veins include face and legs.

About Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are large and appear different than spider veins because they swell heavily. They appear as huge chunks and lines of veins on the affect parts of the body, mainly legs. They are noticeable on the skin and appear in green, red, and bluish-purple color. When the walls of the blood vessels weaken due to faulty valves, the blood flows into the wrong direction, causing the vein to bulge and get blocked. Hence, the veins swell and emerge onto the skin.

What are the Symptoms?

Although the veins differ only in size and appearance, the symptoms have a few variations. Spider veins branch out like twigs on a tree whereas varicose veins appear as larger and more swollen bulging veins on the body. Here are the symptoms of both blood vessel (venous) conditions.

Spider Veins

Spider veins will rarely cause any pain. However, once they become too frequent, spider veins can be painful and cause discomfort to some people. Here are the signs and symptoms of spider veins:

  • Skin discoloration around the affected area
  • Pain and heaviness in the legs (if affected)
  • Itchiness in the affected area
  • Burning, cramping, and swelling sensations in the affected area

Varicose Vein

Here are the signs and symptoms of varicose veins:

  • Purple or bluish bulging veins
  • Bulging, twisted, and swollen veins (similar to cords)
  • Achy and heavy feeling around legs
  • Increasing pain around affected body area
  • Skin discoloration
  • Itching on the bulged veins


Spider and varicose veins don’t impose any significant health conditions or implications on anyone. However, if you notice any sort of physical complications around the area with spider or varicose veins, you can contact Elizabeth Face & Body Med Spa to meet with Dr. Elizabeth Pensler.

She is one of the best vascular and cosmetic vein surgeons in the field. Offering some of the best treatments to overcome symptoms of vein conditions, Dr. Pensler uses the latest technology and procedures.

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