This might sound surprising to you, but over 4 million neurotoxin injectable treatments were performed in 2020. The growing trend of reshaping skin has made filler injections the most popular cosmetic treatment in the USA.

Whether it is the first time you’re taking injectables to rejuvenate, or you have done it before, you may have tons of questions in mind. In fact, a lot of people don’t know how Jeuveau is different from Juvederm.

It is always helpful to find out as much as you can from your surgeon. A qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon, such as Dr. Elizabeth Pensler, can answer patients’ questions to relieve their anxiety and clear out the confusion.

If you also are a first-timer and don’t know what to ask your doctor before your injectable appointment, we have you covered here. Ask your doctor the following questions during your visits.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor before Your Injectable Appointments


Is there any medication I need to avoid before my Injectable treatment?

If you have opted for an injectable treatment that may cause bruising, you need to avoid using fish oil, aspirin, Advil, and other blood thinners.

You might also need to refrain from using green tea pills or excess vitamin E. You can take them through food but not in the form of supplements. Your doctor may ask you to stop eating them at least two weeks prior to your appointment to avoid bruising

What are the options to treat my main concern?

It is always best to explain to your doctor what you want to achieve with the treatment instead of just picking an option to remove wrinkles or chasing lines. You must share your concerns related to the treatment and ask him the best ways to solve the problem. You must focus on the concerns rather than the particular treatment.

Whether it is fillers or neurotoxins, make sure you ask about the treatment type and cost.

How long in advance of an event should I take my first injection?

If you’re a neurotoxin virgin, you must know the time you should start using the neurotoxin in the weeks before an important event like a birthday or wedding. Your doctor may ask you to schedule the treatment at least four weeks before a major event for optimal results.

It is because the time is enough for your swelling or bruising to go down and show the results.

Do I need to bring old photos with me?

Bringing old photos of your face helps your surgeon visualize the treatment. He or she can compare your younger and older versions, depending on your age. It gives the doctor a better idea of what you’re trying to restore or recreate.

Summing Up

All in all, the given questions can help you accomplish your cosmetic surgery goals and promote better communication and understanding between you and your surgeon.

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